Vinovation provides tools to enhance the winemaking goals of our clients. It is not our role to determine winemaking style. Our expertise is to advise clients concerning the probable outcome of treatment strategies and to assist in implementing them. We provide many treatments as services at our own facilities. When equipment is purchased by the client, we offer support services to ensure favorable results.

The support of Micro-Oxygenation technology in the U.S. presents some unique challenges. Oxygen work is more demanding and less forgiving than any other enological practice we know of. It is analogous to flying a plane: very fun, great practical rewards, but it requires extensive training and careful attention, without which it is quite perilous. Many choose to have their flying done for them!

The U.S. wine industry is the youngest in the world. The vitality and expertise of winemakers for its top labels offers a striking contrast to Europe's inherited ownership situation. This great strength constitutes a severe weakness in the case of Micro-Oxygenation, because we are slow to accept support even when it is vital. The complex and unforgiving nature of this technique behooves training and support for even the best winemakers.

Users of OenoDev products are welcome at monthly user Club meetings, and are encouraged to bring wines for tasting and discussion. Oxygenation is only one aspect of an overall plan for elevage that is the ongoing focus of the Vinovation/OenoDev collaboration which seeks understanding of the structure, age and color of the wine and its interactions with oxygen, oak, and lees.

Vinovation=s Micro-Oxygenation support role has two additional aspects:

1. Basic Implementation is required for all new users...............$1,000 (One Time)

First time clients receive the following first-year support:

  • Assistance in installation.

  • Initial staff training.

  • Unlimited telephone support.

  • Tasting reviews for samples delivered to Vinovation.

  • Review of first year results.

2. Optional Full Service Support is also available, which may require dozens of visits by our staff to your facility per year. Teaching and Training in our system of monitoring via sensory evaluation as well as familiarity with equipment operation requires 1 - 3 years. Ongoing Treatment Supervision for oxygenation and related elevage techniques can greatly reduce labor demands, optimize results and prevent difficulties. Our specialists bring a high degree of focus, skill and experience for a small fraction of the cost for dedicated in-house enologist labor.

Full Service Support Retainer..............................................................$3,500 per year

      (Includes Basic Implementation for first-year clients at no additional charge.)

Clients receive full support for all wines from a single vintage. The number of tanks is unlimited, as long as our visits are confined to a single facility. Activities include:

  • All aspects of Basic Implementation (see above).

  • Evaluation of wines for treatment will be conducted and recommendations made concerning selection, pre-blending and treatment regimen.

  • Visits by Vinovation personnel as required throughout the year to ensure proper work. This usually involves twice/week during the pre-SO2 color stabilization phase, twice per month during post SO2 structuration, and once a month during harmonization. During each visit, treatment parameters will be checked (equipment operation, O2 supply, wine dissolved oxygen, temperature, turbidity) and a multi-point sensory profile will be recorded for each wine under treatment.

For clients outside a 50 mile radius of Santa Rosa, additional travel costs will be proposed as part of all support contracts.


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