Wine quality enhancement is the most powerful means to increase profits. At Vinovation we are constantly re-thinking the myths and stereotypes which compose our winemaking tradition. Innovation must consider the whole. It is essential to respect proven practices, because if one disturbs a single element of a traditional system, undesired consequences may occur in another part of the operation -- a change in vineyard fertilization might affect in-bottle microbial stability. Our team offers support for the winemaker's mental construct in considering the effects of new ideas.

Smarter Barrel Utilization

Small oak cooperage is and should be the principal finishing tool for premium red wine production, and the associated materials, labor, and conditioned floor space contributes $1 - $4 per liter to its cost. Because the barrel's flavor extraction and oxygenation effects are coupled, they are difficult to predict and control. Since young red wines can benefit from much higher amounts of oxygen than a barrel can provide, pre-barrel conditioning with MicroOxygenation can build tannin structure, stabilize color, and adjust reduction potential. Boisé oak chips offer unique opportunities for oak flavor supplementation.

Stuck Fermentation Relief 

Fermentations stick for many reasons, often unknown. Sweet red wines are usually unmerchantable. If alcohol or volatile acidity is elevated, our success rate is over 75%. In other cases, immobilized yeast columns are often effective in achieving dryness.

More Reliable Botrytised Wine Production

Botrytised fruit must hang well into the rainy season to achieve complete infection. If fruit is well-affected and concentrated, subsequent rain can be removed via reverse osmosis to a limit of about 32oBrix. (This is no substitute for ripeness!) It is usually desirable to own your own machine for this purpose, since timing is critical when the need arises. One client paid for their machine in a single day!

Tax Savings

Wine sold in the U.S. is taxed an additional $0.50 per gallon if it is over 14% alcohol by volume. Wines often achieve this level by the winemaker's design or inadvertently. Wine quality should be the first consideration guiding alcohol adjustment If the wines are hot and bitter, dialing in alcohol balance can increase varietal aromas, flavor persistence and depth. Processing cost is trivial in comparison to added value, and considerably less than the tax savings at stake.



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