Increased Fruit Maturity
Optimum color and flavor are essential to premium wine production. Uncouple your harvest decision from Brix by adjusting alcohol content of wine. If rain occurs, excess water can be separated from juice via reverse osmosis.

Bird or Bee Damage
The grape berry is a bird-attractant reproductive device. If your fruit has better color and flavor than your neighbors', bird damage may result. Lactobacillus on injured fruit may induce elevated Volatile Acidity and/or Stuck Fermentations.

Organic Practices
Low/No Sulfites and "natural" (feral) yeast fermentations can result in elevated volatile acidity levels. MicroOxygenation has promise as a tool for redox balancing in sulfite-free wines.

Flavor Integration
Young red wine structure may be enhanced through MicroOxygenation, which can also stabilize color and tame vegetal aromas and sulfide tendencies. Tannin supplements such as XPRESS and BoisČ oak chips may be employed to enhance balance, fatness and sweetness. Optimum balance is obtained via alcohol adjustment techniques.

Macromolecular structure 
MicroOxygenation, oak, sur lies and other treatments enhance the macromolecular structure of wine. To preserve this structure, many winemakers prefer to avoid sterile filtration at bottling. Velcorin injection offers an alternative for stabilization against Brettanomyces.


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