It's got to be in the grapes. The many services, equipment, and consulting tools Vinovation provides in support of our clients' winemaking goals have value only when the grapes they start with contain flavor, color and tannin appropriate to the targeted wine style.

Because optimum results are incumbent upon fruit composition, we actively support winegrape quality through onsite vineyard attention. We are not viticulturists. Our expertise is the relationship between vineyard circumstances and the needs of the client winery. An enologist's presence throughout the growing season is the surest path to optimum fruit quality. Our role is to address winery goals in a professional manner within the context of the grower's best interest.

Our programs include pre-season planning, nitrogen assessment at bloom, vine-based stress monitoring utilizing leaf water potential (including recommendations, where appropriate, for regulated deficit irrigation), and maturity assessment linked to wine quality to promote harvest decisions independent of Brix.

While this approach is not exclusive to our company, we are willing to maintain a professional presence in the vineyard that surprises many clients. Our secret weapon: we show up! We have found that the labor investment to support proper winegrowing conditions is repaid many times in the economic stability resulting from long-term, continual quality based relationships between growers and motivated winery clients.

Protocol for Red Winegrape Maturity Assay



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